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Procrastination is something that affects most everybody. It can simply be defined as avoiding doing something in favor of somethingstop procrastination easier. Given a choice of doing something easier, less stressful or fun most will always opt for the easiest choice.

For example, would I rather work on doing my taxes or watching a movie?

When you are able to understand why you are avoiding completing a task and that doing it now will be so much easier procrastination will always win. So if you are able to see the signs of procrastination early and take action to tackle it head on you will be so much further ahead of most.

Let’s take a look at some great solutions to stop procrastinating.

Write down what you need to complete daily. Get into the habit of writing a to do list and checking off those item that you have completed on your list. Start doing this and it will become a welcomed habit for you.

If you are working on something big, break into smaller manageable pieces. Do something each day to chip away at all the tasks and it becomes easier. If you try to tackle everything all at once it will just lead to more procrastination.

On the opposite end, if you are working on something small or will only take a few minutes get it done now. Putting off smaller tasks until later will only lead to a compilation of smaller tasks that will become an even bigger task. If you can finish a task within a few minutes do it now.

Get a teammate to work with you if your project requires multiple people. You will have another person to keep you focused and motivated. It will also be easier to tackle whatever you are working on and have another perspective in what you are trying to complete.

If you can work on doing something daily as opposed to only certain days then do it daily. It’s always hard to put off things that you do on a daily basis and you might feel guilty if you don’t do it daily. Similar to what you might feel like if you don’t brush your teeth or take a shower daily.

Use incentives to overcome procrastination. Reward yourself when you complete certain tasks. If you complete a bigger task give yourself a bigger reward. If you like pizza reward yourself with your favorite slice. If it’s playing with your dog just get it done and you will get into the habit of finishing something as reward.

Do the hardest part first. If you are working on a difficult project always start with the most difficult part first. If you put your initial energy on the hard part then everything else becomes easier and less time will be needed. You will also feel inspired to finish since you already finished the most difficult part already.

stop procrastinationSet a deadline for yourself on when you want to finish. If you don’t finish by your deadline give yourself a punishment to associate a penalty for procrastination. It could be not having your favorite dessert for a week or doing spring cleaning now.

Minimize distraction or completely eliminate it. Whatever you are trying to do make sure there isn’t anything that will take your attention off what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you are trying to study for a final exam make sure you are not watching television or going out to dance. The more you focus the faster you complete your task.

If you hit a wall and can’t do anymore just take a break. Take care of yourself by getting more sleep, exercise, eating healthier, and destress with meditation, yoga, or going for a walk. Sometime you might feel burnout so just take a step back and revitalize yourself to take it on with a fresher perspective.

Finally, being able to complete a task is a great reward for you. Think how you will feel finishing something that was a challenge. It will make your next task even easier now! For expert help in ending procrastination and achieving your goals now go to

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