Insurrection Mindset Truths You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

A Look Back At The Insurrection And How Mindset Impacted That Day

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Coach J

Let us take a look back at the January 6, 2021 event at the Capital and focus on the mindset of people to do what they did that day. For clarification, this is only about mindset and not about politics. It is reasonable to assume that no one could have foreseen what was to occur that day but given the internal and external motivation of people, anything could happen.

After a tumultuous presidential campaign that divided a nation, people developed a mindset that their opinion was right and anyone who did not agree was wrong. There are no grey areas, compromise, or debating for many. You are either with me or against me. To be more specific, you are either red or blue instead of red, white, and blue.

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters traveled in carpools, buses, online meetups, and political gatherings across the country then converged on the National Mall. There were so many factions from the extremist on social media threatening they will be armed down to the MAGA supporters who wanted to wave their banners. In this environment, the dominant mindset will overtake the passive mindset. The acts of the few will overtake the masses.

Next, the fringe groups including supremacists, militia, and those that promote violence led to a dangerous situation that overwhelmed those who were there to protect our symbols of government.

insurrection mindset

This mindset closes the door for any resolution and opens the door for war. It's great motivation for a sports team, us against the world mindset, but detrimental for a nation already divided. It is foolish to adopt this type of mindset at the Capital site since this becomes more emotional than anything rational. The one important fact to remember is that your children are watching and learning from what you do, so, take note and get in the right mindset for your kids' sake.

It never makes sense to give in to those who you know are wrong but scream the loudest. You may not have liked the results but to surrender your voice and mindset to those who were disenfranchised, in their own minds, shows a mindset that can be easily influenced and lead to even more problems. When emotions are involved, you have to step back and rewire your mind to separate the anger of a few from consuming your own beliefs and what your goals were for that day.

The one thing we have is freedom, if you let others overtake your freedom (mind) then you just lost. If your mindset is on I'm right, you're wrong then you need to step back. Mindset is based on an individual's abilities to focus, overcome, and succeed. Allowing others to influence your mindset and shift it towards their own views makes it easier for others to influence your perceptions so you will get easily persuaded as time moves on. A weak mindset is always based on how easily you give up your power to think for yourself.

Finally, understand that others are watching you, even your family, kids, friends, and bosses. Do you really think you gave the best representation of yourself during this event? Mindset is a choice, use it or lose it.

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